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Proper Foot Care May Prevent Unwanted Foot Conditions

Research has indicated many people pay little attention to their feet until there is pain and discomfort. This may be prevented by practicing daily foot care habits. These can include stretching the feet, trimming the toenails correctly, and keeping the feet clean. It is beneficial to wear shoes that fit correctly, which may be helpful … Continue reading Proper Foot Care May Prevent Unwanted Foot Conditions

Gout Can Impact the Big Toe

Severe pain and discomfort in the joints of the big toe often accompany a medical condition known as gout. It is considered to be a form of arthritis, and can be caused by a variety of reasons. These can include genetic factors, eating foods that have high purine levels, or from medical conditions such as … Continue reading Gout Can Impact the Big Toe

A Bunion is a Deformity

The bone deformity known as a bunion can cause pain and discomfort on the side of the big toe. It generally develops gradually, and can occur from wearing shoes that do not have adequate room for the toes to move freely in. This may cause the middle joint in the big toe to shift, and … Continue reading A Bunion is a Deformity

But I Love My High Heels!

High heels can have the ability to make the feet and legs look slender. This is often pleasing among many people, despite the foot pain that may be felt at the end of the day. It may be beneficial to alternate your favorite high heels with shoes that have a relatively lower heel, and this … Continue reading But I Love My High Heels!

Painful Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain may occur after suddenly twisting it. This may happen from falling, or from unexpectedly stepping off of a curb. It occurs as a result of ligaments stretching beyond their normal capabilities, and can cause severe pain and discomfort. Many people who enjoy running may ignore the symptoms of a sprained ankle, and … Continue reading Painful Ankle Sprains

Reminder: When was the last time…?

Custom orthotics, or shoe inserts, should be periodically replaced. Orthotics must fit properly to give you the best results. Protect your feet and ankles!

Is a Fear of Falling Common Among Seniors?

Falling is an unnatural action, and the fear of falling may limit older Americans from accomplishing daily activities. Research has indicated that falling is a common cause of injuries among elderly people, and their lives may change considerably following a fall. Methods may be implemented which can help to prevent falling. These can consist of … Continue reading Is a Fear of Falling Common Among Seniors?

Effective Methods for Daily Foot Maintenance

Research has indicated the importance of maintaining everyday foot care. One of the first steps in accomplishing this is by wearing shoes that fit correctly. This may help to prevent uncomfortable foot conditions from developing, including bunions, hammertoes, or ingrown toenails. Additionally, it is beneficial to regularly trim the toenails, and the feet may feel … Continue reading Effective Methods for Daily Foot Maintenance