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Surgery for Bunions

A bunion, also known as hallux valgus, is a common deformity of the big toe. Bunions occur when the joint between the foot and toe is overextended, causing the big toe to bend towards the little toes. In severe cases, the big toe might even go over or under the second toe. This typically results … Continue reading Surgery for Bunions

Foot Changes During Pregnancy

There are many changes women endure during their pregnancy. The feet are generally affected, and swelling is a common ailment. This may be a result of various reasons, which can include an increase in leg pressure from the growing fetus, the development of flat feet, and the arch and ankle may become unstable. Additionally, hormonal … Continue reading Foot Changes During Pregnancy

Excessively Sweaty Feet

Some people may experience a condition that is referred to as plantar hyperhidrosis. This ailment causes the feet to sweat excessively and can cause discomfort and embarrassment. It can occur as a result of a thyroid disorder, genetic factors, and obesity. In severe cases, sweaty feet may cause shoes to slip off, and dangerous scenarios may … Continue reading Excessively Sweaty Feet

Can Sudden Weight Gain Cause Plantar Fasciitis?

Research has indicated the condition known as plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. The majority of patients notice the pain and discomfort is worse in the morning, and can be felt when the first steps are taken. Plantar fasciitis can occur when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed. This is the portion … Continue reading Can Sudden Weight Gain Cause Plantar Fasciitis?