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Foot Care

Many podiatric conditions can be healed through progressive treatment options without the use of foot and ankle surgery. Most of these surgeries require you to be immobilized for an extended period of time during recovery and then physical therapy after the cast has been removed. Wachtel Foot and Ankle believe that surgery should be used as a last resort and do everything in our power to get you active and healthy again with the least amount of interruption to your daily life.

The majority of foot conditions including ingrown toenails, skin and nail infections, plantar fasciitis, bunions, ankle sprains, hammertoes, circulation issues, swelling of feet & legs, removal of foreign bodies such as splinters, glass, warts, lumps, calluses or growths are treatable with foot care options aside from surgery.

A few examples of foot care we provide include:

  • Steroid Injection
  • X-Ray
  • Strapping Foot Structure
  • Nerve and Pulse Check
  • Nutrition Counseling

Using these foot care options, we have found that our patients are able to be active again in a shorter time frame than merely using the traditional surgery route.

As an example, some patients who have swelling in their feet or legs have veins that are not functioning properly. Simply moving to a diet with less salt corrects this condition and reduces swelling in the lower extremities.