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Arch Pain

If you suffer from arch foot pain, then you probably have inflammation or a burning feeling in the arch of your foot.  There are several possible causes, including some kind of injury to your foot or a structural imbalance that causes arch pain.

But the most common cause is plantar fasciitis.  What’s the plantar fascii?  It’s a wide band of fibrous tissue that runs along the underside of your food from your forefoot to your heel.

If you have naturally high arches, this causes the plantar fascii to become overstretched as your weight bears down on your feet.  What’s happening is that the plantar fascii is being overstretched and this causes it to pull away from the heel, which is painful.

Unlike most overuse injuries, plantar fasciitis actually causes more pain in the morning when you get out of bed because your arches haven’t been stretched since the night before.  Arch pain and arch food pain may also be worse after a nap or other kind of prolonged rest.

Without treatment by a podiatrist, plantar fasciitis arch pain can cause a bony protrusion to develop. This protrusion is called a heel spur and it should be treated promptly before it worsens and causes even more arch foot pain.

If your arch pain is related to pronation, or flat feet, you will need to have your podiatrist design a custom orthotic with a medial heel post that will give you the arch support you need to alleviate arch pain and arch foot pain.  Orthotics control over-pronation by supporting your arch and this gives relief from arch foot pain over time.