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Back Ache

If you suffer from back ache or feel like you have a lower back injury, you may be able to get relief from a podiatrist.  How does this work?  Because if your feet are not positioned properly or if you have a leg-length discrepancy, then you have a misalignment in your legs that travels from your feet clear up through your spine.

This misalignment can throw you off balance and cause back ache and symptoms of lower back injury.  A podiatrist can work with you to get your foot positioning under control so that you can be free of back pain and not have to worry about lower back injury.

For instance, if you have excessive pronation or flat feet, your pelvis tilts forwards when you walk. This abnormal pelvic tilt causes your spine to have an increased curvature and that puts a strain on your lower back muscles.    In this case, a podiatrist can provide relief by adjusting your foot position with pads and orthotics.

How does your pelvis get tilted?  It happens when one of your feet rolls inward or outward more than the other foot does.  This is called pronation and it puts your body out of balance and tilts your pelvis, thus straining your spine and lower back muscles.

If this condition isn’t treated, it can even result in the development of scoliosis of the spine.  If you have back pain and suspect lower back injury, you should see a podiatrist and get evaluated for misalignment of your feet.

Excessive pronation of the feet or asymmetrical foot movement is known to cause back ache and lower back injury, so before it goes too far and you develop scoliosis, you should see a podiatrist to get relief by getting your feet properly aligned.

Podiatry has many treatment options for people with back ache and lower back injury, so see a podiatrist if you suffer from back ache.