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Bunions are the most common problems seen in the interior part of the foot.  What is a bunion?  It’s a noticeable bump on the inside of your foot near the big toe joint, sticking out towards the inside of your foot.

Bunion symptoms include:

  •    Inflammation
  •    Swelling
  •    Soreness on the side of the big toe

The result is that you start walking improperly, usually with a limp, since you begin improperly trying to compensate of pain caused by bunion.

There are also Tailor’s Bunions, which are also called Bunionettes.  These are on the outside of your foot near the joint of the little toe.  Tailor’s bunions are smaller foot bunions that result from the little toe moving inwards towards the big toe.

Foot bunions are usually seen in women due to the wearing of narrow, tight dress shoes with tiny toe boxes.  Bunions are also caused by wearing dress shoes that are too small, such that women must squeeze their toes into the too-small toes box.  This can cause the first metatarsal bone to stick out on the side of the foot.

How bad can it get?  If bunions are not treated or alleviated with less-constricting shoes, they can get worse to the point that podiatric surgery is required.

If the foot bunion is caught early, though, relief can be found by soaking the feet in warm water and wearing shoes with a high, wide toe box that fit right.  Orthotics can also provide relief, as can forefoot products like bunion shields, bunion bandages and bunion night splints. ….