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Types of Foot Pain

The feet are considered to be the foundation of the body, and are used as shock absorbers for the body. With this being said, many people may notice pain in their feet, and this may stem from a variety of reasons. Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that may cause severe pain and discomfort, and … Continue reading Types of Foot Pain

Many Types of Foot Surgery

There are many reasons why a patient would choose to have foot surgery performed. These may include correcting a foot deformity, relieving severe pain and discomfort, and providing easier mobility to the foot and ankle. There are different types of foot surgery that can be implemented, including removing a toenail, which may become necessary if … Continue reading Many Types of Foot Surgery

Causes of an Ingrown Toenail

A painful and uncomfortable condition that is referred to as an ingrown toenail may develop when the toenail grows into the skin surrounding the nail. This may be a result of toenails that have been trimmed improperly, wearing shoes and socks that do not fit correctly, or possibly from a genetic trait that may affect … Continue reading Causes of an Ingrown Toenail

Causes of Blisters

A natural defense mechanism the body uses to protect damaged skin is referred to as blisters. They are defined as small areas that are filled with fluid that cushions the skin, and this may prevent an infection from occurring. The pain may be intense from blisters that develop on the feet, and this may be … Continue reading Causes of Blisters

Symptoms of a Broken Ankle

If you have fallen and have severe pain in your ankle, it may be broken. A noticeable symptom of this condition is extreme discomfort and an obvious deformity in the ankle and surrounding area. Walking will be unbearable as a result of the intense pain and swelling, and bruising may occur as the injury causes … Continue reading Symptoms of a Broken Ankle

Foot Pain Can Originate from Injuries or Medical Conditions

Research has shown there are over 26 bones and several ligaments and tendons that are in each foot. If an injury is experienced in any portion of the foot or if a medical ailment develops, foot pain or difficulty in walking may be indicative of a serious foot condition. A source of uncomfortable foot pain … Continue reading Foot Pain Can Originate from Injuries or Medical Conditions

Barefoot Babies

The foot is comprised of several bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, which provide us with the ability to balance and stand upright. When babies are born, their feet consist of cartilage and will gradually form into bones as the child gets older, which is typically at eight years of age. Research has shown the importance … Continue reading Barefoot Babies