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Biomechanics in Podiatry

Podiatric biomechanics is a particular sector of specialty podiatry with licensed practitioners who are trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. Biomechanics deals with the forces that act against the body causing an interference with the biological structure and focuses on the movement of the ankle, the foot and … Continue reading Biomechanics in Podiatry

Blisters on the Feet

Blisters are a common ailment of people who wear shoes that are either too tight or rubbed up against their feet in the wrong way while wearing them. In order to better understand how they are formed and what treatment should be used for them, you have to start with the basics of what a … Continue reading Blisters on the Feet

Blisters Form in Firefighters’ Feet from Fundraising Walk

Three firefighters from White Bear Lake sustained blisters on their feet after completing a 150 mile walk throughout the state of Minessota. While the men brought several pairs of shoes, they sustained pain in their joints in addition to having blisters. “We really underestimated how long it would take us,” said Ron Hawkins, one of … Continue reading Blisters Form in Firefighters’ Feet from Fundraising Walk