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The Risks of Shoe Fashion

It is often tempting to buy clothing that looks fashionable, even if it doesn’t fit properly. This is especially true with shoes. Now, with the convenience of online shopping, it is even easier to buy shoes that look good but which may not fit properly.

Today, more young people and adults are wearing shoes that are the wrong fit for their feet, either size or style, or both. Bad fitting shoes can lead to all kinds of foot problems, including corns, bunions, and other issues that may even require surgery to correct. Ill-fitting shoes are especially risky for diabetics who are at much greater risk for serious foot conditions, as your Lansdale diabetic foot care expert has unfortunately witnessed.

Here are some shoes that you may want to avoid or at least wear with greater caution:

Flip-flops and Unsupported Sandals: Flip-slops are great for the freedom they offer your feet. But most flip-flops lack any kind of support, which can lead to foot pain and other disorders. It is also much easier to trip in flip-flops, which may cause ankle, foot, and toe injuries. The same is true for sandals if they lack proper support.

Foot health risks
High Heels: Heels are the epitome of style, but they are also one of the major causes of foot pain. Stiletto heels especially increase pressure on the foot, and tend to create problems for people with bunions and other forefoot issues. Removing heels after wearing them all day long may also cause the Achilles tendon to stretch.

Platform Shoes: Platform shoes may be a better option than heels for adding height, but they also carry their own risks. Platforms are better than heels because of the additional height that they provide is distributed more evenly across the foot. But due to their height, they also pose a danger to ankle stability.

Slipper Boots: Slipper-like boots with thick linings like Uggs or Bearpaws are very popular, especially with younger women and men. But they also pose several health risks. Since they are often worn without socks, foot fungus can result because of their humid environment. Foot pain is another common consequence, since they lack foot support but are often worn all day.

Ballet Shoes: Slip-on ballet flats are comfortable, but they do nothing to support feet. They lack arch support and even the simplest padding. In this sense, they are almost more sock than shoe, which can easily lead to foot pain issues.

Thigh-High Boots: Few shoes look as stylish as thigh high boots. However, these boots may cause some of the same foot issues as stilettos (depending on their height). Also, these boots create the additional risk of leg issues if they are too tight.

Please be smart stylish, rather than just stylish for the sake of style. Your shoes will go in and out of fashion, but your feet will be your feet for life.


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