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Relieve Foot Discomfort during Pregnancy

Pregnant women suffering from the discomfort of foot changes can find relief with several methods. Swelling of the feet can be managed with compression stockings, regular walking, and low-impact exercises. Stretching the calves can also help lower discomfort. It is also important for women to regularly drink waters and keep hydrated to maintain good health … Continue reading Relieve Foot Discomfort during Pregnancy

Ingrown Toe Nail- Ouch!

Ingrown toenails are a very common podiatric problem. No one knows exactly what causes them, but they tend to be very painful when experienced. The border of the nail curves down and grows into the skin causing pain and sometimes infection.  The nail grows from a matrix located under the skin just behind the nail … Continue reading Ingrown Toe Nail- Ouch!

Kim Kardashian unhappy with Swollen Pregnancy Feet

With her second child on the way, Kim Kardashian is reportedly unhappy that another pregnancy is causing her feet to swell. A source has shared that the Kardashian’s feet had swollen so much; they could no longer fit into her favorite high heeled stilettos. “Kim can’t fit into any of her favorite shoes,” the source … Continue reading Kim Kardashian unhappy with Swollen Pregnancy Feet

University of Calgary to Develop New Study

Runners have often chosen footwear that is specifically tailored to their unique biomechanics with the wisdom of sports medicine specialists. However, some modern scientists dispute this notion; believing comfort is the most important attribute of a running shoe. Proponents of the comfort theory maintain that other details, including biomechanics, are rather minor. To try and … Continue reading University of Calgary to Develop New Study

Celebrity Opens Gym with Injured Foot

Madonna hosted her grand opening of her fitness club Hard Candy in Toronto. The 55-year-old singer toyed with photographers on the red carpet displaying her concealed ankle injury. She then made her way down into Yonge and Gerrard club’s dance studio to teach a cardio class to 30 fans, according to CBC. “Dance has always … Continue reading Celebrity Opens Gym with Injured Foot

Every Day Foot Care

Our feet are of great importance in our everyday lives. The problem is that we tend to neglect them. When this becomes a habit, it can cause significant trouble. Ignoring foot problems can mean pain, limited mobility, and expensive doctor’s visits. On the other hand, if the feet are cared for and looked after each … Continue reading Every Day Foot Care