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When most people think of the word orthotic, they think of an item that could be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy or food store. Yes, that is true, they are a type of over the counter orthotics. The problem with this type of orthotic is that the only item that is customized is the shoe size. Every single person with that shoe size would wear the same orthotic but obviously not everyone with the same shoe size has the same type of foot pain or foot type.

Custom orthotics easily gets rid of the above issue. Custom orthotics are made two ways, one is a plaster cast mold of your foot/ foam box impression and the other is utilizing a digital scanner than watches you walk through the gait cycle. By walking on a pressure sensing mat, we are able to determine areas of high/low pressure when walking as well as monitor the amount of time spent in each phase of gait cycle and compare this to normal values.  Analyzing this information allows us to make an orthotic that is custom to only YOUR foot!

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Stay tuned for next post to learn about conditions that custom orthotics can be used for!

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