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Is Your Foot Pain Arthritis?

Arthritis is a terrible condition that affects tens of millions of Americans, sometimes with crippling effects. It can take numerous manifestations and forms, and different variations are given different designations. But, in the broadest terms, arthritis refers to the inflammation and swelling of cartilage and joint lining, which is accompanied by additional fluid in the joints.

The condition is painful and can be very debilitating, limiting a person’s ability to manage even the simplest tasks, from getting out of bed to walking downstairs. You probably know people with arthritis, because it is such a common condition. As many as 40 million Americans suffer from it. While it is more likely to afflict people as they age, it can strike much younger people too, even the very youngest.

Feet can be affected by arthritis, which may come as a surprise. Feet seem like such durable, uncomplicated parts of our bodies. After all, we live on them all day long, from morning to night, and they seem like they can just keep going and going.

Your Lansdale podiatrist can share some additional insight on foot pain, and what to pay attention to when it comes to arthritic feet. Arthritis is often (but not solely) caused by excessive pressure or strain. Just think about the daily strain that we put on our feet, carrying our body mass and often additional weight too. In that light, the condition of arthritic feet comes as far less of a surprise.

Also, while feet may seem relatively uncomplicated in comparison to hands, in fact, they are both equally complex. In each foot, there are 26 bones and 33 joints, while in each hand, there are 27 bones and 29 joints. That means that, in two feet alone, there are a total of 52 bones and 66 joints which are all susceptible to arthritis.

Since arthritic feet can severely limit a person’s mobility, it is important to address the condition quickly. Some of the joint symptoms to look for are:

  • Join swelling, or recurring pain or tenderness in the joints
  • Motion limitations, such as stiffness when getting up in the morning
  • Redness or heat on your skin, or skin changes such as rashes and growths

Arthritis can be treated, but addressing it early and with a trained foot doctor is critical. If you have any concerns that that your feet may be suffering from any of these symptoms, contact your foot doctor in Lansdale at Wachtel Family Foot Care for an exploratory visit.

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