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The Problem of Gout

Gout may seem like one of those bygone diseases which only afflicted people before modern medical treatment (among gout’s unusual distinctions, it is one of history’s most recorded diseases). Unfortunately, that is not the case and gout still affects many people.

What Are Your Feet Telling You?

A foot problem may be telling you more than you know. In fact, foot problems can be vital barometers for more serious health issues which require further attention. Understanding the implicit signals of foot issues, along with the symptoms of more serious diseases, might enable you to avoid and treat threatening health conditions.

What to Know About Diabetic Foot Care

For anyone with diabetes, they probably know that proper foot care is essential to successful diabetes self-management. Failing to pay attention to feet can lead to minor issues, which can quickly become major issues if not identified and treated quickly. So giving feet their due attention on a daily basis will help diabetics stay healthy … Continue reading What to Know About Diabetic Foot Care

Why Ankles Swell

For many people, swollen ankle is a common condition, caused by excess fluid in the limbs. It is physically uncomfortable, and can make wearing (and finding) shoes very challenging. While this condition is often associated with pregnancy, there are many other reasons why people suffer from swollen feet.

Understanding and Treating Broken Ankles

Broken Ankle: What is it? A painful condition, broken ankles can prevent you from walking and doing many everyday activities. It is different from a sprain, which is the result of ripped or torn ligaments, but no broken bones. A break in the ankle means a fracture in one or more of three bones which … Continue reading Understanding and Treating Broken Ankles