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Doing a charitable walk? How to prevent foot pain and other issues

Every summer and fall, millions of Americans volunteer to raise funds for worthy charities by taking part in a walking event. If you’ve signed up to participate this season, here are expert tips that can prevent foot fatigue and pain before, during and after the big day (or days).

Sprained ankle? Your foot doctor explains what to do next

Most people have twisted an ankle at some point in their life. But if your ankle gets swollen and painful after you twist it, you may have sprained it. As the warm weather motivates you to spend more time outdoors, your chances of developing foot or ankle pain may increase. Here’s what you need to know … Continue reading Sprained ankle? Your foot doctor explains what to do next

Is Your Toe Broken?

Perhaps one of the easiest injuries that most of us commonly suffer is a stubbed toe. You may be walking in socks or bare feet, moving quickly or even slowly, and, all of a sudden, your toe hits a chair or table, or something else in your house. Or perhaps, you are carrying something or … Continue reading Is Your Toe Broken?