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The Causes of Cracked Heels

Dry skin may often be the cause of cracked heels, sometimes causing pain and bleeding. Often called fissures, the skin may become yellowed, flaky and callused, possibly resulting in difficulty walking. Pressure and friction, usually caused by standing for long periods at a time, is a common cause of this condition. Additionally, shoes that have … Continue reading The Causes of Cracked Heels

Stretching Your Feet

Debilitating foot pain is a problem for many people. But just as stretching the torso can help alleviate back pain, stretching the feet can also help mend existing foot problems and prevent future ones. The feet, as the body’s foundation, carry the body’s entire weight and can get easily strained from overexertion. Persistent sharp pain … Continue reading Stretching Your Feet

What’s Causing My Heel Pain?

The heel is comprised of numerous tendons, ligaments, and fatty tissue. Common causes of pain in the heel may include possible stress fractures, bursitis, and obesity, and can typically be treated with ice packs, foot massages, and exercises designed to flex the foot. Probable diagnosis may include plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Sever’s disease. Refraining … Continue reading What’s Causing My Heel Pain?

The 5 Most Common Questions about Corns and Bunions

Corns and bunions are foot issues that many of us face. If not treated properly, they can cause significant foot pain and loss of mobility. Here’s what you need to know about these common foot ailments and how to care for them.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Every now and then, our feet “fall asleep,” leaving us with that familiar, pins-and-needles sensation. But if you experience numbness or tingling in your feet on a regular basis, there could be another cause.

The Healthiest Home Pedicure

Having a professional pedicure can be a refreshing treat. But you don’t need to head to the salon to give your feet a little TLC. Here are expert tips for a healthful pedicure you can give yourself at home.